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It has a straight tube with lots of cool features that will make your smoking friends give you high-fives. This stunner is 30cm tall and sits on a thick, circular teal base that’s totally flat. It’s made of 5mm thick borosilicate glasses, so you can be assured that it’s a heavy-duty product. The glass is blown by hand with a delicate feel that brings out all the flavours in your favourite cannabis strains. At Glass Bongs Australia, we’ve got you covered when it comes to keeping your smoking equipment in tip-top shape.

You can shop at home while you are sitting on your couch and enjoying your favorite flowers. If you are dry herb vaporizers healthy ( unhappy with your purchase you can return it and get a full refund. We guarantee that all orders will reach you intact. If ANYTHING breaks during shipping, then we will replace the item without asking any questions. All of our packagings are nondescript. No one can tell what you ordered. When talking about contemporary bongs, silicone is at the forefront of the industry.

Sign up to our newsletter for the latest news on new products, promotions and special releases. Free shipping within the United States is always included. All orders are inspected, packed, and shipped out by Freeze Pipe employees in Orlando, Florida. When you check out, you can choose to add shipping protection. Shipping coverage will replace all units that are damaged, stolen, lost, or broken while in transit. You’ll be in awe of the Cyberpunk XL rafter after looking at the specs and pictures. This beautiful flower vase bong can be a gift to yourself or a special someone.

Inspired by the beautiful Pacific Ocean, and hand-blown at Oregon, USA. This custom piece is made of 50mm x 5mm thick American Borosilicate, with a boldly fused base, double worked top and accents in 3D sea turtles. It also includes a thick 14mm male bowl. Dab rigs, also known as concentrate or oil rigs, are devices specifically designed for smoking concentrates. These include cannabis waxes and oils. We recommend our glass dab rigs if you want to vape oils and waxes derived from these plants. Check out the glass hand pipes category for hammer bubblers, sherlock and spoon pipes.

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