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WEEDO’s innovative designs are unmatched. Weedo Bongs are made from the highest quality materials and extra thick Pyrex glass, you’re guaranteed a quality piece when you buy WEEDO bongs online from BongsMart. To shop for bongs and water pipes please see our collection below. This is where the dry herb will be packed, and this is where you can apply heat or a flame.

We thoroughly test our bongs before shipping to ensure that all of the customer’s requirements are met. This thorough inspection includes taking into account levels of smoke production, smoothness, flavor, and durability. All of these are performed before we add a new bong product to our line. We understand weed vape pen how many hits to get high ( important it is to personalize and customize. Sky High Smoke Shop has a variety of accessories available for your water pipe. We offer ash traps, along with many different adapters, replacement parts and accessories to fit your bong.

Please be careful and keep pets and children out of reach. Beautifully crafted smoking accessories from glass, gemstone, and bamboo.Designed in Vancouver, BC. Mini Bong – Strong Glass Goblin is a strong glass bong with curved tubes for easier handling. Mini Bong – Strong Glass – Shark is a great durable Bong with an amazing blue base. The curved tube portion has a subtle decoration.

The Tobacco Master has 20x the strength of a traditional glass pipe, despite being half the weight. It will be durable and in most cases unharmed after normal abuse. Gonzales said the setup he created allows him to produce about 30 of Mota’s beaker bongs a day.

We are pleased to present these high-quality, affordable Honey Collectors with a Tip in Titanium! SPECS

A bong allows you to filter smoke through water from your favourite herbs such as cannabis. Splash guards are a useful feature to prevent water splashing your lips as you inhale. Removable diffused percolators or downstems are a great idea to create more bubbles. They also provide a larger area for cooling your smoke. Explore the features that will make your You can have bongs work for you. Check out the heady glass collection – we collect one-of-a kind artisan glass pieces made by glassblowers from across the United States.

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