5 Must-Know Van Hook Lock Techniques to Know for 2023

Van Security Hook Locks

The best method to secure your vehicle against theft is to invest in van security hook locks. These locks are essential for any serious driver. They are easy to use and let you lock the doors of your vehicle to a secure place.


A deadlock on van security hook locks is an essential piece equipment that can be added to a van for additional protection against theft and break-in. This extra layer of security can aid in protecting valuable tools and other belongings.

There are a variety of methods to secure your van and the best choice for you will depend on your budget and the requirements you have. Some prefer using deadlocks for the rear and front doors. Others might prefer an lock that slams. If you work in the field or need to frequently access your van, it is worth considering changing the locks on your van.

A van security hook lock as well as the normal locks used on van doors, is a great choice for many people. These locks provide an additional layer of security for the door and the rest of the van.

Hook deadlocks are the newest generation of van security deadlocks and provide a variety of advantages over straight counterparts. They are more secure which is their most obvious benefit. Instead of a deadbolt, which is a standard type, a hook lock is comprised of a bolt which latches to a locking mechanism.

They function by the latching mechanism which throws an ejector into a receiver, which is mounted on the opposite side of the door. While they are primarily intended for use on commercial vehicles, they also work well on the front and rear doors of your own vehicle.

The locks are easy to install and include three keys with stainless steel strike plates and all the fittings required to complete the task. It is important to remember that you will need a high-security key to open the door to the van.

With the growing rate of van crime in the UK, there is a need to improve the level of security on the doors of the van. Deadlocks with hooks L4V are the most sought-after and suitable for all types of vans, including Volkswagen and MAN.

These locks are now being added to the portfolios of numerous locksmiths. But, be sure to select a company that specializes in van security locks.

Slam lock

If you own a van, you might want to get a slam lock for your vehicle. This is a great option to safeguard your cargo from theft at any time. A slam lock deactivates the door handle, then locks the door of the van after closing it.

The locking mechanism for slams can be fitted on the van’s cab doors or in the passenger compartment. It is usually the back doors of vans that are frequently equipped with the slam locks. These locks are quick, simple, and cost-effective.

They can be an excellent security device, especially for couriers. A variety of large items are carried by delivery drivers in their vehicles. The option of locking their door after closing it will eliminate the possibility of forgetting to lock it.

Multi-drop drivers will also be impressed by the flexibility of Slam locks. These van security devices are great to prevent delivery drivers from becoming targets in traffic.

Van slam locks can also be used as a deterrent to the sight. Numerous locksmiths have suggested installing this type of security device. Whether or not you decide to install a slam lock on your vehicle, it is recommended to keep a spare key. Keeping your keys handy will ensure that you don’t forget to lock your car when you’re away.

Another method to secure your cargo is to install a van security cage. This type of secure space occupies space in the van, but offers additional protection against thieves who are opportunistic.

The most well-known types of van locks are the slam and hook locks. Each lock has a different level of security. Some can be opened via the inside, whereas others require the use of a key to open them. Before you shop for van locks, you’ll need to decide which one is best. You can choose between a deadlock or a slam lock depending on your budget.

If you’re interested in purchasing a slam lock, you can look at various websites. To see the options available for your particular model, go to the website of the manufacturer.

Hook lock

Hook locks are an excellent method to increase the security of your van. These high-security locks are a great option for your van and can give you total control over your vehicle. They serve as a reliable visual deterrent and will keep your cargo locked safely inside.

Hook locks are an excellent investment if you are an owner-driver or work in an area where your lock is critical to your safety. This is particularly true if you want to protect your vehicle from being stolen.

The hook bolt is a mechanical deadlock that cannot be opened using force. It is independent of the locking mechanism of the van’s manufacturer. It remains locked even if the locking mechanism is compromised.

Hook locks can also be used in conjunction with other locking systems that are in use. They are compatible with both old and new vehicles. They are among the most effective van security options.

Hook locks can be bought in a kit that includes everything you need to put in them. Installation should take less than an hours. Instructions will also be sent to you.

Deadlocks for hook locks can be purchased for nearly all van models. You could be able to install them yourself for as low as PS150

They are compatible with MAN and Volkswagen van models. They are not just an effective visual deterrent, they also provide other benefits.

Van hook locks make a great addition to any commercial vehicle. These locks can be set up in a number of different locations. Based on the dimensions and style of the van, they can be placed in the rear doors, side door or connecting panel.

Although hook locks are a safe alternative to deadlocks, they remain susceptible to theft. They are also susceptible to theft, and are highly sought-after on the black market. Fortunately, the majority of van manufacturers offer hook locks that are available for sale, making it very easy to upgrade your van’s lock system.

For more information on Van Hook Locks, visit Garrison Locks, one of the UK’s largest van security lock providers.

TVL Security ArmourShell

Van security hook locks are a highly secure locking system for commercial vehicles. They block access to the loading area, and also ensure that the contents are kept inside the vehicle.

A van security hook lock is a device that attaches to the door or connect panels that are controlled by a high-security password. It provides an additional layer of protection against potential thieves.

It is essential to select the appropriate van hook lock. While a deadlock can be an effective visual deterrent, hook locks are more secure and can be put in on nearly every type of van. The most notable features of ArmourShell Van locks include an bent body design to deflect the hammer attack, van security hook locks a 45-degree shell body chamfer to enhance security of the bolt locking and a semi-automatic steel locking bolt.

TVL Security products also have been tested by third party. They have the largest selection of PPS-accredited products within the UK. They’ve also been recommended by the police force as a preferred option.

Another option to increase the security of your van is to invest in a van security cage. A van security cage will safeguard your tools and other valuable items from theft. This will also enable you to park your van in a secure spot and deter thieves who might be opportunistic.

For a comprehensive van security system, look for a lock that has been approved by Thatcham. This can lower the cost of insurance. Also, consider adding an additional replock to your van lock to increase the security of your cargo.

The ArmourShell Security Pack includes the hardened steel locking bolt with a bespoke internal fixing plate and anti-drilling inserts for side and rear doors. You can also include the front door guard loom guard.

TVL Security Protection Solutions can be used to create the Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Custom LX models. TVL’s team of innovators has collaborated with Ford Pro engineers to create three new security packs for these models. Each pack contains Replock as standard, as well as additional products that address specific vulnerabilities to the model.

Hook locks are a worthwhile investment if you own a van that is heavy-duty or work in an environment where your vehicle is an important piece of equipment. These locks are meant to deter thieves who might try to steal a catalytic convert.