10 Facts About Van Key That Can Instantly Put You In A Positive Mood

Finding Car and spare van Keys Keys Replacement Near Me

There are several alternatives to replace your car keys in case you have lost keys. A dealer can replace your keys. However, this could be costly.

Luckily, Cobra Locksmiths NYC can replace your van keys for you right at your place of residence. We can even program your fob.


If you’ve lost your keys there are a few alternatives. If you need a replacement set that is priced at up to $200, the cheapest option is to go to your local dealer. The dealer will ask you to show proof of ownership and get the car taken away before they can give you a replacement key. For spare van keys between $150 and $250, all-in-one keys that are laser cut can be purchased. They do not require a car to be to be towed. They can also be purchased at Ace Hardware stores. They are available for 60% off the cost of a regular car key at locations that are participating*. To determine if the keys are available, use our car finder tool or go to your local store to find out more.