Don’t Buy Into These “Trends” Concerning Security Van

Van Security Door Locks

When you have an automobile, van or other type of vehicle, you’ll need to ensure that you have the proper security door locks fitted on it. This will safeguard your vehicle and valuables from thieves. You have the option to choose from a variety locks to meet your needs.


The deadlock is one of the most common security systems that vans use today. There are a myriad of options to secure your commercial vehicle. It can be difficult to pick the best one.

A deadlock is an electronic device which operates independently of the vehicle’s locking mechanism. It’s a simple cylinder which throws a bolt into a receiver on the opposite side of the door.

Deadlocks are often found in tradespeople’s cars because they provide extra strength and protection against forced entry. These locks are a tested solution to van security and have been in use for a long time.

Van deadlocks are a great option to guard your valuables inside your van. They are installed at a high height on both side and rear doors of your vehicle, making it difficult for thieves to break into.

There are many kinds of van locks, each designed to work with the specific model and make of your vehicle. It is important to choose an appropriate one. This is the best way to ensure your investment is safeguarded.

Although there isn’t an absolute way to stop a burglar from entering your vehicle, adding the deadlock for your van is a good start. It can be installed on the rear and sides to safeguard your vehicle from theft.

One of the best aspects of deadlocks is their reliability. These devices are durable and have been installed on millions of commercial vehicles.

Hook locks

Hook locks are one of the most well-known van security door locks. They are typically located in strategic places throughout the van which makes them a fantastic option for a security system.

Hook locks are excellent for drivers who are owner-owners, as they give them complete control over the vehicle. However, they are not suitable for all commercial vehicle uses.

There are two primary types of hook locks. The first is a mechanical deadlock which is independent of the factory locking mechanism. It also comes with a high-security key.

A mortice lock that works with the locking system used by the manufacturer is a different option for security. Both types work exactly the same way blocking access through the front or side doors.

There are many types of hook locks. The most well-known is the hook lock or slamlock as it is sometimes referred to. Multi-drop couriers are likely to find slam locks useful. They protect against theft from traffic and guarantee the safe delivery of parcels.

There are other kinds of hook locks, for instance locks that slam at the rear of your van, or an catalytic convertor lock. Catalytic converters are a valuable item on the black market because they convert pollutants into less harmful gasses. These converters can be difficult to open and are difficult to access with hook locks that are strong and secure.

Catalytic converter locks

A catalytic converter lock is an excellent option for drivers. These locks are designed to guard your vehicle’s catalytic converter from being stolen by thieves.

Catalytic converters are often targeted due to their being a valuable asset on the black market. They are easy to find and are easily stolen to obtain valuable metals. A stolen catalytic converter could be worth up to $1,000

With rising metal prices the theft of catalytic converters has become a significant issue. This can lead to interruptions to business operations, downtime, and inconvenience for motorists. It can also be very expensive to replace your converter.

There are many items that can stop crime. The most popular is CATLOC locking device. It’s the first patented converter lock that’s available and has been tested to be efficient.

The CATLOC product provides a strong security for vehicles at risk. It was designed with simplicity of installation in mind. Utilizing high-security fixings as well as stainless steel of marine grade it has been accepted by a variety of OEMs.

CATLOC(r), is also available in a MAXX version. It is made of 100 percent stainless steel. It comes with a 1-year guarantee.

CATLOC(r), systems are simple to set up and come with clear instructions. Installing them takes just 15-45 minutes. Additionally, CATLOC(r) products are accepted by car manufacturers.

The ArmaCat clamp unlike other converter locks encases your catalytic convertor in stainless-steel clamp. It is secured with tamperproof shear bolts, as well as high-temperature PVC sleeves.

Tamper-resistant slamlocks

Locks for van doors that are high-security are a great option to safeguard your vehicle. They will stop thieves from opening your doors by twisting or cutting them off. Additionally, they can help keep out opportunists.

National Fleet Products’ UFO+ Lock is a premium stainless steel lock that won’t slide or turn. It also includes two high-security keys as well as an internal cord to unlock the lock.

Although the lock is a bit expensive, it provides excellent security. With a robust cast stainless steel construction and a sleek design and a reversible lock that is reversible, the UFO+ is an excellent option. It’s a lot more secure than traditional padlocks and pucks, and is able to withstand tampering.

The UFO+’s attractive dome-shaped design adds another great feature. When closed, it is hidden behind the interior of your truck. It can be used on service bodies and box trucks with side double doors.

Another option is the Cargo Safe lock, which is secure from tampering. It works with the factory keyless entry system and will safeguard your valuables while you’re inside and out of your vehicle.

You can also add a sophisticated alarm to your vehicle for added protection. When motion sensors detect the presence of a person in or out of your vehicle, it’ll sound a loud alarm. Other options include deadlocks as well as tracking devices.

These products can be an excellent investment for your van fleet. However, they’re just one piece of the puzzle. It’s recommended if you are concerned about theft to have an inventory of your tools.

Locks on steering wheel

Steering wheel locks can keep your vehicle from being taken. These locks are ideal to stop gear sticks from moving and preventing break-ins. Certain models are more prone to theft than others. There are a variety of alternatives to choose from. You can determine which ones are best for you by checking out our reviews of these products.

The Keeping wheel lock is a durable, easy-to use device that can be used to secure your vehicle’s wheels. It is made of solid steel and features the most prominent warning colour. It can also be easily mounted. You can secure the lock and lock it with the key supplied.

There are a variety of steering wheel locks available on market however, some are more vulnerable to theft and break-ins than others. Some are difficult to use due to their complex design. Some aren’t compatible with all cars. Additionally, they could be too expensive for your budget.

As opposed to bar-style steering-wheel locks, Disklok is a free-spinning device that can lock the entire wheel. It comes in three sizes. This lock is more costly than others, however it is an effective deterrent for thieves.

Milenco lock is another excellent alternative. Milenco is a reputable brand for their independence tests, Transit Van Security Locks and the lock is quite heavy. Also, the keys are laser-cut using the shape of a snake. They are very difficult to duplicate.

Tufloc high-security locks

Tufloc high-security van door locks are the ideal choice for your home and office security. They are made of durable alloy metals like stainless steel and aluminum. They have a lifetime warranty. They are ideal for double doors that are rear-facing because they prevent you from getting in and out of your home. They are not like the old-fashioned door knobs. They are able to be fitted to almost every door, including those that are custom-fit. They can be mounted in a 90-degree corner or flush depending on what style you prefer.

However, Tufloc high security Transit Van Security Locks (Www.Thekeylab.Co.Uk) door locks have a number of features that make them one-of-a-kind. Apart from their unique magnetic bolt-down system, you can select from a variety of other options. There are double and single swing doors to choose from in addition to many other types of locks to fit your budget and requirements. So you can relax knowing your valuables will stay safe and sound. You can be confident that you’re getting the most value for money in the market due to the most modern technology. The Tufloc online store makes it easy to make your selections.