Buy Glass Gravity Bongs As Well As Other Bongs

As you may have already guessed, a splash guard serves to prevent the bubbling in your bong from reaching up and hitting your mouth and face as you take hits from your bong. This is a common issue with products like straight-tube bongs that have everything in a central location. You may or may not want this, depending on how frequently you are hit with water or whether it is a major issue for you. You will find a variety of bongs when you go shopping. Let’s cover some of these main types so you have a better idea of what these are while you’re actively looking at water pipes.

These glass masterpieces demonstrate a breadth of technical talent and human imagination’s height, combining both in astounding proportions. There are glass pieces with weed pipes that you can use for smoking, and also non-functional art glass. Old school bowls were always sealed by an o’ring. As glass artists improved their skills, they introduced glass on glass based bowls. This changed the use o-ring base bowls.

quest. StayLit Design’s high quality bongs are the best in cannabis technology. A great way to commence a lit seance or a delightful evening of Netflix and chill, this glow glass bong will impress your posse with its glow-in-the-dark ghosties. Go goblin mode for real, as the spirits dance on your busy rig and its cloud envelopes you like a dense fog in a cemetery. It doesn’t need to be spring or summer portable vaporizers for marijuana;, you to enjoy this adorably cheerful flower dab rig. Use this glassware to let your inner child run wild!

Almost all high-end pipes are made of this type. Sometimes, if your bong size is too small but your pull too strong, water may be pulled into your mouth. You want to avoid dirty bong and pipe water entering your mouth. A splash guard is the perfect solution, as it prevents water entering your mouth during inhalation. The bong bowl is filled with dry cannabis flowers that will be lit.

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