Buy Aesthetic Bongs As Well As Gravity Bongs

The ash catcher acts as a ‘pre-filter’ for your bong. Water Pipe is the term used to describe any pipe with filtration of water. This could include a dab pipe, a bubbler bong, a standard bong, and even a gravity pipe. There are dozens to choose from, and each has its pros and cons.

Its 50mm tubing diameter provides an adequate chamber for producing generous rips. This Trident tube features a removable downstem with an open-ended end, which gives you a classic chug. The bubble is fumed silver to create the unique blue-ish colour-changing effect. The mouth top features white/yellow/black artwork all around. HVY Glass has consistently crafted uniquely functional art throughout the years.

All of our bongs are made from high quality borosilicate but sometimes, you just want something thicker and more durable. We offer some of thickest bongs available on the market. I’m sure you saw our viral video that got 20 million views where we hammered a nail into a piece of wood with one of our thick glass bongs.

The clear tubing complements its artwork, allowing the slyme colours to pop out. Trident Glass tube includes a jar handheld vaporizer for dry weed ( herbs and a lighter. Trident Glass, founded in 2003, continues to produce the most gnarly of bongs. This tradition began 17 years earlier. Trident Glass began in 2003. They continue to produce some gnarly bongs, continuing the tradition that began 18-years ago. We strive to keep our bongs up-to-date and only offer the best bongs, so you can select the right one for you.

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